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Happy St. Patrick’s Day; South Park

It’s my favorite because green is my favorite color.  Today every article of clothing and accessory I have is green.  I feel good and ridiculous about that.  But I’m part Irish so I guess that’s probably the point.

Haven’t updated in a while.  Moved last weekend.  Finished unpacking last night.  Need furniture.  The apartment is way too big for just me, but that’s OK.

Season Premiere of South Park is tonight.  So that’s exciting.

I’ve been working long hours doing the grunt work of TV.  You know how there are an absurd number of credits on any given TV show or film?  Those credits really only cover probably half of the people who worked on the show.  Whole companies get a single credit, when there are dozens or hundreds of people at those companies who worked on the show.  The sheer number of people who are involved in any given production is mind-boggling.  People who do things like digitize tapes or carry them from one place to another or just keep the computers running for everyone else to work on.  And that’s just in post.

Yeah.  Lots of people.  Not sure what my point was.  Other than I’m busy.

Good Luck Bear

Call to TV Screenwriters/Enthusiasts

Does anyone have a copy of a Glee script?  I promise it’s just for personal use…  Please?


Glee has been renewed (as expected).  And, on top of that, they’re going to do a reality spin-off to find new cast members for the second season.  Now, I’ve never been an American Idol fan myself, and I’m really not sure how to feel about it.

Other than how I always feel when I talk about Glee.