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So, I’ve gotten an Asus eee tab transformer, which is a lot of words that essentially mean a tablet and laptop in one.  It’s pretty boss.  I mean, I’ve only had it for about an hour, so I’m sure there are some things I’m going to grow to hate.  The fact that it functions a lot more like a droid than a computer, and the fact that it uses Facebook’s absolutely crap mobile page are going to bug me, and the fact that I keep moving the cursor when I’m just trying to type are probably going to get to me.

But it is much much faster than using my phone to type, and hopefully this means that at future conventions I will be able to update my blog and so forth from the hotel.

Ooh, you can turn off the track pad.  Sweet deal. It’s more intuitive to just touch the screen anyway.  SCORE!  Now if Facebook would stop being that crappy mobile thing…