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Ron Paul: People seriously vote for this guy

This screencap alone speaks volumes.

Reality TV: People are Crazy

The thing about reality shows is that you’re working with people who have to be willing to be on TV.  And the thing about people who are willing to be on TV is that most of them are crazy.

Today, there was sent an e-mail to a show that the producing team spent probably half an hour trying to figure out what it meant and why it was sent.  It was basically a crazy rant about why the person who was scheduled to come on their show wasn’t going to do it.  Everything in different font sizes and strange numbers and apparent quotes; it was paranoid and afraid of gossip and afraid of the show hurting her.  The staff then began throwing out reasons, these were all actually said, all of them seriously:

“Maybe it’s dementia?  But she’s under 50.” “Maybe it’s a forward?  But it has my name on it.” “Maybe it’s a poem?” “Maybe she’s sick?”  “Maybe her neighbor told her that all reality shows are about making the participants look stupid.” “Maybe she’s stressed cuz it’s the holidays and she’s having trouble financially?”  “Maybe she’s supposed to take psychiatric medication and she went off them for a few days.”

What was not resolved was how they’re going to deal with it.  Since she’s signed a contract and everything, and there’s probably not enough time to find someone new.