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Nicholl: The Email I Received In Error

Hi Ashley,

Congratulations again on reaching the Nicholl finals.

IAll of you have now been contacted, and regret letter e-mails have been sent to the semifinalists. Sorry that went a little slower than I had hoped.

So you are free to tell anyone and everyone about your Nicholl finalist status.

The Academy Press Release announcing the finalists will probably be distributed on Monday.

I’ll follow up later today with the informational e-mail concerning your letter to the committee, the Nicholl Awards Week schedule, travel (for those of you from out of town) and other incidentals.

When you receive this e-mail, could you please hit reply as soon as possible, just letting us know that it reached you.

If you have any immediate questions (beyond what will be in the next informational e-mail), you can e-mail me directly at or you can call us at 310-247-3010.




I was confused, sent an email and when that didn’t get a speedy reply, I called the number. I was expecting the conversation to go something like “Hi, I’m Ashley Miller, I received an email saying I didn’t make it and one saying congratulations.” “Oh my God, we are so sorry. That was an accident, I know how horrible it is to have your hopes raised. Forgive us! Good luck next year, you did really well, you should be proud.” That’s not how it went.

“Hello, this is Ashley Miller.”
“Oh. You received that e-mail in error. Sorry to get your hopes up.”

I think the phone call was worse than the not getting it and the false hopes combined. I try not to judge because otherwise everyone has been super nice and professional, but that was quite the brutal dismissal.

Our apologies. A very unfortunate glitch in our database resulted in
the unintentional emailing of the second email to a larger group. You
original regret letter is the correct one, sorry that you are not a
Nicholl finalist.

We are recalling the congratulatory email.

-Nicholl Fellowships

I can pretend this meant it was really close.


Nicholl Fellowship

I’ve gotten some hits from Search Engines about the Nicholl Fellowship, so I thought I’d do a little post explaining what it is and how I’m doing in it.

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The Bio

I’m not really sure how people make a blog a destination site.  I guess it’s got to be insightful about the process or something.  Like, writing about work.

I guess I’ll just go for the light introduction.  I got an MFA from FSU in Film Production in 2008.  Before that, I started working on films in Atlanta as an undergrad at Emory University.  The first film I worked on I volunteered for a professor and soon-to-be thesis adviser known as Evan Lieberman.  He’s now in some Yankee state making movies and professing.

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