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Dear Universe: Best Idea Ever

Alright, I have no idea how one takes two songs and mashes them up into a coherent piece, but I do know how one edits together pictures into a coherent piece and I do know two songs that were born to go together.  Someone DO THIS.  SERIOUSLY.  It’s the Best Idea Ever and I will offer you… um, I dunno, you will get the trillion zillion youtube hits of me watching it over and over again.

Look, I’ve even already put them in the YouTube Doubler Machine which lets you watch them both at the same time.  I dare anyone to watch these two songs and tell me that out of the ashes of such cliched and awful early-nineties power/soft-rock ballads a Phoenix cannot be born!

And I would do anything for love, it’s all coming back to me now by Meatloaf/Celine Dion