More thoughts later, but Diego Forlan and Muslera are a team unto themselves. Also, Suarez got what might have been the most worth it Red Card ever.

That is the best soccer game I’ve ever seen.

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  1. That was an *amazing* game 🙂

    Suarez did the right thing, even if Gyan had made the penalty kick.

    • ashleyfmiller

      Yeah, I keep trying to explain to facebook friends, it’s not against the rules to do what he did, he just has to get punished for it. Tactically, it was absolutely brilliant and he really didn’t have a choice if he wanted Uruguay to stay in. Self-sacrifice.

      Still, Muslera and Forlan made that sacrifice worth something.

  2. The best game ever. Go URUGUAY! Suarez is our hero, so are Muslera ❤ , Forlán and Abreu, but the whole team is great. I really hope they win!

  3. Ha! La Celeste completely deserved that win after Ghana’s disgraceful diving and a CLEARLY biased ref. FIFA tried to give the world an African Fairytale, but los charruas held their own with their famous grit.
    Despite being in an overwhelmingly Pro-Ghana/Africa stadium, they played better and cleaner.
    Can’t stand how everyone is whining about Suarez. Jeez, learn the rules of the game or STFU. He got punished fairly. Simple as that. Not his fault Ghana choked in penalties.
    Not to mention that the free kick that led up to the situation was NOT EVEN A FOUL plus the Ghanaian player was obviously offside. Just look at the replays…oh my bad, no one’s showing THAT clip, just the handball clip. Drives me insane.
    Now we gotta go at Netherlands without Suarez, Fucile, Lodeiro and possibly Lugano. But nothing matters because soy celeste carajo and we’ve got the spirit to do this!
    Arriba Urugay – Vamos la Celeste!!
    ❤ Mulera ❤

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