Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

Hooray for Free Speech!

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I write, give occasional speeches, and am currently getting my PhD in Mass Communications from South Carolina. Before going back to school, I worked in Los Angeles in reality tv, web series, and film.

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  1. Here is my contribution. I cannot draw for shit, so I made a collage and took a photo.


  2. I made my Mohammed a TWATLIGHT lover. (Team Jacob, natch!)

  3. I thought your comment on the “everybody draw Mohamed day” blog was excellent. Unfortunately it seems that the facebook page has been deleted and the blog has been hacked 😦

    The internet died a little today.

    (((:~{> Mohammed Approves This Message too.

  4. Not into this at all. I’m all for free speech, but with it comes some responsibility. If people are truly offended by pictures of Mohammed, and if I have no pressing need to draw one, then why do it? Of course, I don’t for a minute think that the penalty for drawing one should be beheading, but I don’t have feel compelled to pee into holy water because I disagree with the Catholic church, I don’t scrawl swastikas on synagogues because I don’t like Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, and I wouldn’t draw Mohammad absent a compelling reason to do so. Why go out of your way to be offensive? It very seldom leads to dialogue….

    • ashleyfmiller

      1) This isn’t aimed at Muslims, it has nothing to do with a dialogue about their faith. It’s about declaring freedom of speech and condemning the media for giving Muslims special treatment. All other groups you can make fun of, but not Muslims. That’s discriminatory and giving in to terrorism.

      2) There is a difference between posting a drawing of Muhammad on the internet and drawing one in a mosque. There’s a difference between drawing a swastika online and drawing a swastika on a synagogue, it’s silly to say there isn’t. Nothing is compelling a muslim to go online and seek these photos out, they’re easy to avoid.

      3) Not all muslims have a problem with drawing Muhammed, in fact it’s only certain sects. I’ve got no compelling reason to obey the rules of any other religion, I’m not going to censor myself in my own turf because someone else is easily offended.

      4) It’s also about a bunch of people refusing to let a few people be the targets of terrorists. If we all draw Muhammad then Lars Vilks and Matt & Trey are suddenly just a drop in the bucket. Extremists’ terrorism backfired, we are all Spartacus now.

      5) I think free speech and protecting people who’ve had death threats and been physically attacked and censored is a compelling reason, but frankly I don’t need a compelling reason to be offensive when I’m on my own turf.

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