InkTip: 3 months in, first Script download

My script has been up on InkTip since the beginning of September.  Today, for the first time, it was downloaded.  The logline has come up in someone’s search 94 times, 34 of those hits were from LA Feature Film Academy.

Today someone at LA Feature Film Academy actually downloaded it.  Anyone know anything about them?

Other stats: My resume has been downloaded once, the synopsis three times, the script once.  Interestingly, though one person looked at the synopsis twice, no one’s looked at any two of those, let alone all three.

About ashleyfmiller

I write, give occasional speeches, and am currently getting my PhD in Mass Communications from South Carolina. Before going back to school, I worked in Los Angeles in reality tv, web series, and film.

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  1. Someone on Zoe brought this subject up as well. Here’s what I posted.

    “I can’t remember where I read it, but someone had mentioned that their script might have been stolen. I’m on Inktip myself and I’ve had a few downloads of my script from them as well.

    But my guess is that it’s probably a bunch of students who can access Inktip through that school and are flipping through potential projects.

    Honestly, I think they download everyone’s script without even having any general interest in at all. But if they stumble on something they like, they will pursue it if they want.”

  2. Besides the fact that InkTip is useless, know that you’re also supporting the cult of Scientology.

    Jerrol LeBaron is a longtime Scientologist who has given over $40,000 to the “church.”

    Oh, and the comments that support InkTip? They’re from fellow Scientologists (it’s SOP for Scientologists to flood the internet with comments supporting one other).

    Essentially, Lebaron has taken the Sceientology playbook and adapted it to the screenwriting market. And, just like Scientology, it offers very little benefit to the unfortunates souls who empty their wallets in exchange for empty promises.

    Stay away from InkTip!

  3. LA Feature Film Academy is a scam school run by a scam artist. I’d look into it more. The guy who runs this place probably downloaded it and is using it.

  4. The LA Feature Film Academy is now the American Feature Film Academy and is run by a father and his daughter. Their names are Bill Wesley and Monika Wesley. It’s a complete scam! They are being investigated by the State of CA and with the Federal Govt’s Secondary Schools Boards. Please be careful!

  5. I have three scripts on inktip I hope your wrong but maybe your right didn’t know jerrol belong to a cult ? Hope he don’t scienlogy is a joke and will sent you to hell , only jesus can save you-acts ch-4 verse 10 -14, can any one recommend me a christian entertainment attorney or just a good entertainment attorney near modesto ca, my e-mail is THE WAY ALL THINGS SOUND IT LOOKS LIKE i’LL NEED ONE ONE! even thought my work is protected by wgaw and usa copy rights or is it?plaese help-DALE

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