Responses; Who uses mail anymore?

12th: Thanks so much for providing us with a logline for your feature screenplay BIBLE CON. We’d love to take a look! Please fill out the attached Release Agreement, and mail a hard copy of that form and your script to the address provided below. Please note we cannot return the copy of your script you send to us.

Again, congratulations, and thank you for the opportunity to take a look at your material.

Frustrating because it costs money to print out 100 pages, find time off work to go mail something, and pay for the postage.  I mean, I can’t complain too much because they do want to read it, it’s just difficult to actually get it to them this way.  I, of course, may be the only one who prefers to read scripts on my computer screen to trying to flip through a hard copy; and I feel better about the not wasting paper.

I sent an email asking if it has to be a hard copy, but they wouldn’t have said it if it didn’t.

EDIT: Compromise: Fax the agreement, e-mail the script.  Huzzah.

9th: Thanks for letting me have a look.  I’m a small company so my interests in writers are quite specific.  I generally like to see three completed features before considering representation.  When you’ve completed something new, if you’d like, you can get back in touch.  Regards and congratulations on your placement!

This is the person who asked for 20 pages.  I find it interesting that she didn’t ask to read the other script I told her about, or for the remaining pages of Bible Con but she does want me to get back in touch if I have a third script.  Not sure what that means.  But of course, I will surely contact her some day (long from now, no doubt) when I have three features.

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I write, give occasional speeches, and am currently getting my PhD in Mass Communications from South Carolina. Before going back to school, I worked in Los Angeles in reality tv, web series, and film.

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