Researching Mormons

My re-write has come to a complete halt at page 7 because I’m writing a Mormon character and don’t feel like I know quite enough about LDS to be able to plot her exactly.  She’s nebulous.  I may skip over her scenes and come back, but I hate doing that.  In this re-write, her struggle with her secret Mormonism is meant to be a defining characteristic.  Unfortunately, I don’t know any Mormons who’ve married regular ol’ Christian folks, so I have to scour the internet for personal recollections.  On the one hand, thank FSM for the Google, on the other, it’s a time suck google is my dear and glorious leader.



About ashleyfmiller

I write, give occasional speeches, and am currently getting my PhD in Mass Communications from South Carolina. Before going back to school, I worked in Los Angeles in reality tv, web series, and film.

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